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And the winner is! Contest #1 Results

Contest TimeThe votes are in and the first contest is over.  Ideas came from everywhere and they were fun and enjoyable to read.  I am so appreciative of all your participation in the contest.  I will be announcing the winner in this post.  This contest idea will be used for contest #2.  I will talk about contest #2 in another post.  The winner of this contest is an awesome, fun, and smart woman.  She makes me laugh and I really enjoy reading her blog.  Her name is Vani and she’s a beautiful person who wants to get fit for free. HAHAH 🙂  

Here are the top 4 ideas: Continue reading ‘And the winner is! Contest #1 Results’


Contest #1: Best idea wins. Idea submission now closed: Don’t forget to vote on the contest vote post on 2/7-2/9

Contest Time

Ok, it is contest time.  This will be the first contest of hopefully many fun and lively times here at run4change.  The competition will be about WHO CAN COME UP WITH THE BEST CONTEST IDEA.  How are we going to decide who the winner is you ask?  You are going to decided.  Here is how we are going to do it.  I think this will be good because you will constantly be able to see who is ahead and what ideas are comming in.  The winner will get a free writing journal to keep a log of food, exercise, blogging ideas, etc.  (That is a link to the journal info.) We are going to save the T-shirt for the next contest.  So here is the way we will do it step by step:

  1. The contest is on who can come up with the best contest idea!  You can submit more than one idea if you want to.
  2. Leave a comment on this post with you idea in your comment!
  3. After one week of people leaving their ideas in the comment section of the post, I will do a new post with all the ideas in it.  For the next 2-3 days you will leave your vote in your comment on that post.
  4. At the end of the contest I will tally up the votes and anounce the winner who will get the prize.  The winner will email me their address and I will mail off the prize to them.

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Recap- Who has the best contest idea according to you guys.  Leave your idea in your comment.  Vote for your favorite idea in your comment on the contest vote post.  Winner takes all.  The contest will last for 8 days.  Today-Friday are idea submission days.  Next Saturday-Monday are vote days.  I will announce the winner on Tuesday early morning.


Definitely going to do a contest.

Hello everyone.  I am definitely going to do a contest now.  It was obvious by the responses that a contest is something you would like to do and that you think that it would be fun.  So I have at least 2 contests planned.  The first one (the contest post will be up tomorrow night) will be about coming up with a contest idea.  The prize will be a writing journal.  The second contest will use the most highly voted contest idea and the prize will be a priceless run4change T-shirt that says something based off of the world famous post: I can see it in your eyes-do you see it in mine?  It should be a lot of fun and I hope that you all participate.  See you later and keep your eye out for the contest post on Friday night.

Note:  Do you think that random selection of the winner of the first contest would be better than the winner being the person who’s idea was voted by the readers as the best contest idea?


Great Mom, Great Gift



My mom brought this gift to me and Jay today at work.  What a nice surprise it was to have her come with a present and not just to consult us 🙂  Very thoughtful and heathly.