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Emergency Hangover Help: The Healthy Way!

Glass of waterA major reason for a hangover is dehydration.  I don’t drink anymore, but I have plenty of experience.  Alcohol is a diuretic and the more you drink the more dehydrated you get.  So if you want to help the hung-over, give them water.  That will go a long ways.  It is not a cure all but it will help. If you are going to drink tonight, try and consume some water during the party and right before bed.  That will help too. Or, maybe you’re like me and you didn’t drink at all.  Kudos to that, you saved yourself a mother load of calories.  That is unless you chowed down instead. HAHA  Happy New Year everyone.


Menudo True or False? With Recipe


Ah yes, the wonderul and alluring Menudo (cows stomach).  Old mexican (maybe not so old) traditions hold to the truth that menudo is a sure fire way to cure a hang-over and bring back the passion to a love life.  Personally, I think it tastes like bland rubber.  HAHA.  If this was all I had to eat I could lose a lot more weight.  Anybody been cured before?  What do you think, let me know?

Here is a Menudo soup recipe