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Eating, running, and weight watchers???

Like the homing pigeons above, I need to come home.  I AM GOING TO GO HOME.  I am headed back to weight watchers again tomorrow.  I will admit, I have a sense of shame about going back.  Not because of the weight I have gained or anything like that.  I feel “worthy” of going back but what I feel bad about is stopping my meetings in the first place.  I love them you know.  I care about the people there and they care about me.  There is no reason but full on self-deception that has caused me to stay away.  So today I will make a grand entrance at my “home” once again.  I will go there head high and weigh in.  To be honest, even as I write this I am telling myself that I should not go back.  That I should just stay away and forget about it.  But that is my unhealthy side talking.  I know what works for me.  I know what I like to do for my body.  I have listened and listened and listened to my body for so long now there is really no arguing with what works for me and WW works.  And in fact, it works for an endurance athlete as well.  I have made WW work for ultras and marathons.  It will do the job.  I say “it” but really it is just eating healthy and eating the correct amount of calories.  “It” is like any other normal eating program.  The only difference from what I am doing now is that IT IS NORMAL. LOL. 

I am going to start training hard again with my running and on top of that I will be doing three days a week of resistance training.  I long for this.  I am in recovery from the Strolling Jim at the moment but I will be back hard at it soon enough.  I yearn for the self exploration that it all brings, and the self revelation that I experience.  I can’t wait for the sense of accomplishment DAILY knowing that I am doing the RIGHT thing for my body.  The right thing for my life.  I never would have guessed that running would have become such a part of my life.  I never would have dreamed that I would write a post about my third year of long distance running and that I completed my 22nd long race.  I don’t say this stuff to be arrogant and I hope you don’t see it that way.  As I write I am even humbled by the process.  The process of step by step growth.  The process of learning what and what not to do while running.  I am humbled that I can even call myself a runner and to be honest at this point in my running life I still sometimes don’t think I am a REAL runner.  Now that is crazy because a REAL runner is just a normal person who runs, jogs, walk/jogs, etc.  There is no distance that makes you a runner.  There is no magic number of races that changes your identity to be someone else so that you can finally be a REAL runner.  There is no days per week that you must run to be REAL.  All you have to do is get out there and do it.  Fast or slow, smooth or uncordinated, natural or unnatural.  So I am going to get out there and do some more running becasue I want to.  I don’t have to.  I am the same person with the same worth and the same integrity if I do or don’t.  But I want to run, and I want to experience all that it has to offer me in this short life.


Running through it

Over the last several months I have not done a whole lot of being consistant.  I have had a very hard time getting my life back together enough so that I can once again stick to a “normal” schedule of daily operations.  At least this is what I have thought……………………….but I have had a stroke of insight today.  I have not been doing ALL BAD!  So I will look on the bright side of things.  I have developed and implemented a new system at my work place that will change it forever and for the better.  I have followed my dreams of training for, and finally attempting to run 100 miles.  I have continued to eat ok enough not to gain ALL my weight back.  I have held it together in many ways but it still does not take away the fact that it has been really really hard.  And the hard stuff is not over yet either.  Sometimes I feel it is only getting harder.  But one thing I know for sure is that I have been running through it all.  It is the constant (other than God) that stands firmly in place.  Well, not always firmly but I have not let go of it.  I have cut back, gone hard, eased off, etc. etc.  But I have not turned my back on running.  I have pretty much stayed with at least two days a week of running.  My come back races were 32 and 41 miles. 

This tiny piece of consistancy, with which coach dean has helped tremendously, has helped me piece things together.  It has helped me have a foundation to build off of again.  I am back to exercising with cross-training.  I am excited once again about my running goals.  I am looking forward to doing more running in the very near future and Coach Dean will help me attain physically what I want to attain emotionally as a way for me to set a foundation for all that is to come.  I have to start somewhere.  Heck, I have already started long ago, but I have finally realized I cannot do this all at once.  I cannot go at this with an all or nothing approach like I normally can.  i just don’t have the mental nor emotional energy to do so.  So it will go step by step but I will keep on keeping on.  I will run, I will eat, I will workout, I will talk things out with people I trust, I will remember my blessings and……………………………………..things will become what I desire them to be.  I have learned a lot about being patient with myself and that has been hard.  But I am glad I have learned it.  VERY GLAD.


Out of hermitville…………New life Check Up

Hello everyone.  I have decided, for the benefit of my own health to come out from being a blog hermit.  I have experienced a lot since the last time I wrote to you all.  My life has changed drastically, my heart is soft again, I have opened up myself to other around me, and I HAVE EATEN A VAST AMOUNT OF FOOD. HAHAHAHA.  I am not complaining though.  For today I show myself mercy and I don’t do that too often.  At this time it is needed however, so I will give myself a break.

  • I am current 8 lbs over my WW lifetime goal.  Yup, that is right, I actually had to pay the last time I went and that was the first time in around 2 years. 
  • I am having a hard time with recovery in my running lately.
  • I have stood up for myself and been authentic more in the last three months than I ever was in my previous 33 years of life.
  • My heart has changed drastically and I am excited to move on in my life to experience even more love and growth than ever before.
  • I am back to WW and starting out on a new path.  I will do well for sure.

I have received so many emails from all of you who care.  I appreciate it more than you would ever dream.  I did not return any of them for the most part but I did take each and every word that you spoke into my life and used it for good.  I have slowly (some would tell me VERY quickly) but surely emerged from a lot of crappy darkness.  I will never be the same but I will be better instead of worse. 

I will tell you all, that I have learned so much about myself and about people.  I have experienced and learned so much mercy and understanding.  When I think of it all I kind of melt into a lump of thankfulness.  I get filled with emotion at the realization that people (yeah, all of us) have the capacity to endure and grow more than even I ever imagined.  And I saw that Love and Compassion for others is a major factor in my ability to endure such things that I have.  I saw that my running is more of a picture of my life than I thought, and that it has taught me good lessons that will stick with me for a lifetime


You know what guys, sometimes things just get hard don’t they.  Sometimes they add up over time, and other times they rush in to overwhelm.  I wanted to tell you that no matter what happens or has happened, just about anything is possible for you.  Now is not the time to give up on what you want in life.  Now is not the time to think of yourself as a throw away.  Now is not the time to let others talk you out of your dreams.  I know you can do what it is you want to do.  Just take one step, just one.  And in time, you will one day be where you want to be.  And during those many steps you will fall down.  This is ok.  This is nothing to panic over.  This is the normal human experience and it is highly desirable albeit not enjoyable.  Because when we do fall, we learn how to stand once again.


Point of inspiration and rememberance.

Had a horrible day the other day.  It was just killing me how I have been eating, how I see my body, how I see my running, how I see myself in general.  Basically, had a bad day because of my self talk and just feeling bad for myself and so unconfident.  But……..I got an email from a good friend.  My good friend did not know I was basically in the pit of self hatred that day, but he was sensitive to it.  I can’t even express the importance of that email to me.  The only way I can explain it’s impact on me is LIFE CHANGING.  The email did not have any information that I don’t already know.  It did not have any secret to success.  It was just a PERFECTLY timed picture of my story injected into my life.  Basically, the jist of it was that he was telling a group of people about my journey from the start of WW all the way to DNF’ing at 63 miles in the 100 and through to present.  You see, my friend knows my “situation” in my personal life.  He knows that what I have accomplished during these dark days is nothing small.  So his email was a reminder to me.

It is so easy to forget what I have done.  That I have really done amazing things even for a person who has not lost 130 lbs.  He described the faces, the emotions, and the tears of the listeners of the real life story.  And by reading this, I was completely filled with life again.  It was like I was encased in this bubble or dark room but when I read the email I was removed from that fog and put into reality again.  I was humbled by the achievements that I had done.  I was appreciative of all the people who have helped and supported me along the way.  I was thankful for just not giving up on my own dreams while others were giving up on me.  I have a hard time, REALLY HARD TIME, having confidence these last three or four months.  I have been broken and forgot the stength that I really do have.  The ability to overcome.  I still struggle so much with loving myself, and accepting my body, and taking myself for who I am.  But yesterday I started out a fresh.  I ate perfectly.  I exercised well.  I thought well of myself.  Maybe………….I can start my new life on good terms with myself and achieve what I want for myself.  I want to achieve a healthy self respect.


It can happen! Take a step back and reassess.

reality-check-ahead-signIt can happen to anyone!  Falling into old habits even after losing and keeping 130 lbs off.  In fact, it is pretty easy to fall back into the old ways.  Why is this??  Well, the old ways are the old ways for a reason and they are old because I did them for so long.  Truth be told, the old ways work for what they are used for.  Oh yeah, you heard me.  THere is no denying that eating junk food makes me feel better at the moment I want to feel better.  There is no denying that it tastes wonderful like a party in my mouth.  I just want to shed the false belief that using food for comfort and security does not work.  It does work and if it did not work we would never use food to comfort ourselves.  However, there is a downside as there always is for self-medicating with potentially harmful stuff whether it be food, drugs, alcohol, sex, etc.  It brings guilt and shame and weight gain and bodily harm.

So at the practical and reality based advice of another great blogger on the journey, I took a step back to reassess my situation and take a reality check.  I took a step back to way the costs and rewards of my actions.  As  you know I have been on the wayward side of WW for a bit.  I am still right here at my WW goal weight but things have been getting increasingly unhealthy for me both mentally and physically.  Steve’s words yesterday hit me just how I needed it and brought about a major lifting of the veil over my eyes.  Now that he helped me see much more clearly, I am taking my reality check here on the blog.

What is my unhealthy eating doing for me?

Well, like I said, it is making me feel better about whatever I am feeling bad about for the moment.  This is true.  It is also making me feel worse in the long run and causing a great crop of negative thinking to sprout up.  Waying this cost is hard for me because I like the immediate benifit of feeling better and don’t particularly like the delayed gratification that denying myself the junk brings.  BUT, after long thought focused on Steve’s comment, the delayed gratification FAR OUT WEIGHS any other possible benifit that junk food can give.  So for today I feel strong and healthy and resolved with new passion for my health goals.

How is my fear of failure molding my situation?

I am scared to gain it all back.  Unfortunately, the way my little mind works is that when I fear failure I tend not to try as to make sure I don’t fail.  Now taking a step back on this one shows that this is crazy because it is self-fulfilling.  I am scared to fail so I fail on purpose and do the exact thing I am afraid of. HAHAHAHA  No more of this.  The reality in this is that I can’t fail if I just continue to do what I know how to do as far as healthy living goes.  It is a no-brainer really.  I know what to do and that is to keep my eyes on the prize, don’t let go of it, and then make nice little decisions throughout everyday to ensure a victory.  This is not easy at all because the fear is still there but the fear is not as powerful as the full life that can be lived in health.  Self-sabotage many call it.

My addictive side?????

My addictive side grabs hold of that which makes me feel better.  This side of me will barely let go of the medicine.  So when I eat two candy bars with wonderful peanut butter and sugar inside, I feel better for the moment, then my addictive side says, “Oh hell yeah that felt good.  What is wrong with wonderfulness.  Lets keep doing this.”  Contrary to much popular advice that I recieve here and away, small dabbles in such wonderfulness are not a livable scenario for me.  I am often told it is MORE of a lifestyle when I allow this stuff into my life as it is less rigid but I just can’t live that way.  I know myself and taking this reality check helps me to realize that abstinence is the best way to go for several foods in this world.

Negative thinking?

I can get seriously deep into some negative thinking about myself and my journey.  So negative in fact that I can completely forget a good thing that I just accomplished.  This is crazy but it is a reality so why should I deny myself the knowledge of the truth or the opportunity to talk about it.  I can pick out one negative thing out of a sea of positive.  It can be a beautiful day out but I will see a cloud the size of a man’s hand 100 miles away.  HAHAHAHA  I am going to work on this.  WW is not really that hard and it is certainly not impossible.  What is hard is staying on track while I am off track.  The contrary actions.  The lying to myself that I am doing it when I am not doing it.  What the hell!  If I am not doing it I am just going to say to myself I am not doing it and then get back on track.


Marathon #18 and more golf

tetherow7I had a good but slightly lonely marathon weekend.  I went to bend/sunriver, Oregon on Friday night so that I would be able to pick up my race packet on Saturday morning.  I went to bed as soon as I got there because I had to get up at 4 a.m. to do a 10 miler before I went golfing at a really special golf course in Bend.  My 10 miler went very smoothly with no hiccups.

Saturday I played two rounds of golf so I got in a lot of activity even after my 10 mile easy run.  I didn’t play well but I had a good time.  I got done golfing around 8 p.m. and again went to bed right away so that I could get up around 3 a.m. to do 10 miles before the marathon start.

Sunday came in a hurry as I struggled to get out of my warm bed.  I was able to fit in 8 miles and finished this run about 5 minute before the marathon start.  At 7 a.m. the race started and all 112 marathoners took off up the 14 mile hill.  At first the hill was not very bad at all and I was able to run most of it with no problem.  I did a 4:1 run/walk ratio for the entire marathon except from miles 11-14 where the hill was just to steep and I walked.  Once we got to the top is was smooth and fun sailing down to about mile 20 (my mile 28) where the course flattened out.  Over-all the marathon was not really hard and it was enjoyable too.  I finished in 4:50.  This pace has allowed me to have post-race days without much soreness at all.  That has been VERY nice.

It was a good weekend and although I played golf and ran with many great people, I was really lonely without my wife.  I love her so much and she is my best friend.  I don’t like going to bed at night without her.  I don’t like not being able to see her in the evenings.  The good things is that she was able to have fun with her visiting family while I was gone.  I was happy for her in this respect.  She loves her family and that is a great thing.

Bye bye now!




Why are we so scared too….

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fat-guy-on-the-beachI tell the truth here.  I am afraid to take my shirt off in public whether I am around guys or girls or kids or adults.  It does not matter where it is or what I am doing.  I avoiding swimming for years and hot tubs with my wife too, just because I was scared to take off my shirt and let the world see my round globe of a belly.  I honestly don't know what it is such a big deal to me. In fact, I hate the fact that it bothers me because why should I even care what other people think and they probably aren't even thinking about anythin most of the time.

I have lost my weight and it does not make a difference on this subject.  Now I don't want people seeing the loose skin and dang stretch marks.  I bet even if I got a tummy tuck I would feel the same way.  What is that?  What do you guys think?  Do you have a problem with public awarness of your body.  Bikini, bathing suit, tank tops, etc.  You know what I mean.  I want to hear from all of you whay your take is on this?


I was all alone this weekend but I did good.

My wife was gone this weekend.  Boy does the house get lonely without my Love around.  Usually when she is gone I get into some mindless eating because I am bored and don’t have her around to talk to.  I did good on my points from Friday onward.  I am happy about that and if I don’t have water retention from sore legs I hope to lose weight on my Tuesday night WI. 

This weekend I had what many call a “block”.  It is a back-to-back long run.  So on Saturday I ran a speedy 10 miles at race pace.  That happened at about 6 p.m.  Then on Sunday morning I ran 20 miles.  So in a time span of about 15 hours I ran 30 miles.  This is one way people build endurance up without having to run an overly long run of 30+ miles on their long run day.  I personally prefer just doing the one long run but the coach has me doing a back-to-back every other weekend because I get most of every other Saturday off.  This week I did not have it off so I had to run the 10 miles after work.  That always makes it harder.  I did great in both runs though and I am a bit sore today but nothing big.  It will be gone by tomorrow for sure.  That gave me 43 miles for the week.  I have a marathon this Sunday and I am going to try and break the 4 hour mark.  I won’t be rested or have done a proper taper for the marathon but that is a good thing because it will prepare me better for the 40 miler where I will be forced to keep running with tired legs and body.  I generally recover pretty fast now from 20+ mile efforts.

Yesterday I felt dizzy after my long run because I stopped eatin/drinking at mile 15 for some reason.  I guess I just forgot.  I went out for sushi with my mom and sister, then spent much of the day going here and there to buy my food for the week.  Once I got home I made lunch for my wife for her work week so that she could just come home and have a nice smooth transition back into work.  I also made some of my lunches.  I made 6 two point burritos and 6 three points sandwiches.  I will have both of them each day this week as part of my work food.

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Running perfection but I went nuts with weight loss efforts


Last night I found these dirty little son’s-of-a-guns.  These dang nuts are from the devil I swear.  See how the can says heart healthy.  Well dang, I bet they aren’t good for your heart when you are practically laying down so you can pour them down your throat.  BAAAAA HAH AHA HA!! 🙂  I didn’t really do that but I kept going back to them gosh dangit.  I guess it is better than eating chips and candy but geesh.  Other that driving myself NUTS I did pretty good.  I had a big potato, some wonderful lean beef, avocado, a famous sister shake, and a giant WW fudge bar.  Yummy nummy for my tummy.

Before all the knock down fighting with the nuts, I had the blessed run.  An easy 4 miler was on the menu for yesterday.  I ran relaxed and easy. AHHHHH.  What a refreshing run.  It was running perfection.  I felt like I was effortless gliding along in the sunshine.  I ran along the river in the cool brisk air.  It was amazing.  I think I smiled for the whole first 5 minutes and then on and off.  

I also got some new ear bud head phones yesterday.  Boy did I need these.  I spent the extra money and got some really nice ones that fit into my ear but don’t cause me to have to go to the hospital for ear pain after every run.  I love these new things and I highly recommend them.


Will power and weight loss.


Is will power all it takes to loss weight?  Can you lose weight without being a strong willed person?  Mommymeepa thought a post about will power would be cool, so today I am posting on will power and weight loss.

Is will power all I need to lose weight and keep it off?  I don’t think so. I suppose that I could label those little choices I make right off the bat in the face of temptation as will power though.  Will power is some un-seen force that people believe that they either have or don’t have.  I just don’t believe this.  I feel that everyone has the same chance at losing weight and getting healthy.  I also feel like it has more to do with changing the way we think and the way we organize our environment.  Here are some thoughts on why I think that the battle is not won or lost on will power alone. Continue reading ‘Will power and weight loss.’


Great reflections from exercising in the great outdoors.


Here is another picture of the scenery where I run on a regular basis.  I particularly like this area because it is so calming but at the same time very powerful and energizing.  I run along this river on a gravel road just about every week at least once.  It is an old road that nobody uses except for the few select fisherman who want to be alone.  It is quite there and on the right hand side of the road (not in the pic) is miles of pasture and beyond the pasture their are mountains.  I live in a beautiful place.  Exercising outdoors enhances life in my opinion.  I brings connection with yourself and the reality of being alive.  That is why I took this picture, because I felt alive during this run.  It was great and I don’t even have to drive to see this.  I ran to this spot in about 10 minutes.


Just what is it that makes you re-start? This is a long one about getting back on track.

image credit:

image credit:

 In response to a food “relapse” that I had a few days ago I receivedso many wonderful and encouraging responses.  Interestingly, many of the response I got focused on the positive side of me getting back on plan and moving on.  Out of all the comments I received, one of them was more of a question although it was still very encouraging.  Here is an excerpt from the comment:

“My comments echo what everyone else has written ……. but what I’m REALLY interested in is this: I feel the same as you do about eating unplanned for/off-plan food. ONE difference between us is that you curb these binges …….. and get back to business. I have/do not……… JUST WHAT IS IT that makes you re-start when you have a good hearty lapse.”

I was so inspired by this question that I wanted to write a post on it.  This is such a relevant question for everyone, whether they are on the health journey or not.  This is a question everyone asks themselves in some shape or form.  We all have our goals but we also all have our old way of life.  That old way of life is on the inside and it wants to come out, yet it is contrary to our new life.  Think about it:  You want to quit smoking and the old way wants to keep smoking.  You want to lose weight but the old way wants to eat whatever it wants.  You want to build stronger relationships but the old way wants to be selfish.  Anyways, I am going to stick to the weight loss/health journey. Continue reading ‘Just what is it that makes you re-start? This is a long one about getting back on track.’


Great way to track your running, walking, and activity


I love the online running journal that I use to track my running and activity.  Each time I exercise or do a race, I just enter it into this online journal.  The running journal is called  Membership is free and it allows you to do many things pertaining to the fitness/health journey.  The picture above shows all of my exercise for the month of January.  This is the actual format that I see when I enter my running into the journal.  Here are some of the neat things you can do with’s running journal.

  • You can log you running and other activity.  It has a large list of different exercises that you can enter.  As you can see on my chart, I have skiing and calisthenics.
  • If you use a heart rate monitor, you can enter your HR info. and it will track it to produce a line graph that will demonstrate fitness and possible over-training.
  • It allows you to enter your weight each time you log an activity.  Then it will produce a graphical chart for your weight so that you can visually monitor progress, maintenance, etc. for your weight.
  • It will track you performance differences in different weather.
  • I will compile all of your information and show you a chart displaying time, miles, fastest pace, slowest pace, average pace, average distance run.  All of these things and more.

This has been a great tool for me and just plain fun to fiddle around with.  It is neat to see the charts of the different aspects of my exercise life.  Hope you enjoyed.  Have a great day.


Awesome new contest submissions: Two new ones today

We now have two new submission to the contest for today.  I hope you all enjoy them.  They will inspire you and bring warm fuzzies to your day. HAHAHAHA

See Tigerlilly’s and Rebecca’s new submissions  here as well as all the others too.


Goal modification: Weight loss and Exercise

Graffiti art by Bansky

Graffiti art by Bansky

Sometimes in mid stride I have to modify and adjust my goals.  I had a wee bit of a tuff time recently because Saturday Feb. 7th was race day for the 100 miler that I was training for.  I did not make it to the race.  It was not that I couldn’t have made it, but I chose to modify my goals mid stride to make my life healthier.  Coming up with my goals, and then modifying them or my game plan to achieve them is a constant and living process.  I am always making new goals.  As I set out to attain them I hit different obstacles or road blocks that bring about a necessity to make changes.  Here are a couple of examples Continue reading ‘Goal modification: Weight loss and Exercise’


Why I felt great here contest!! New submission just in. 24 total


eye-001Contest Time

 This contest is open to ALL people.  Even the ones that don’t live in the USA.  The contest has also been extended to go through 2/27/2009.  There are now 24 wonderful contestants who have submitted their pictures.

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Food, exercise, and blog encouragement

Caped MaxTo start off, I want to say thank you to each and every person who visits, reads, and comments on this blog.  You guys have no idea how encouraging you have been to me since I started this place.  The love, encouragement, advice, information, and cheering on that takes place here, not just towards me but also towards other readers, is amazing.  Run4change got it’s 3000th comment this weekend.  WOW!  Matt, at Running with Strength happened to be #3000.  Thanks Matt

Now on to the food and exercise.  I did good on my program this weekend but I was on the very edge of going off on a junk food binge.  I wanted to soo bad.  It was not so much a craving but a yearning to rebel completely against WW and self-control.  After “discussing” the difficult patch with some of you and also some people on the WW boards, I was able to break through and make the right choice:  STAY ON PROGRAM AND EAT HEALTHY.

I just did not have enough time on Saturday to do any exercise but I think I made up for it on Sunday.  I went skiing with my wife, brother, and his wife on Sunday morning.  What a wonderful time it was.  We skiied pretty much all day with a small lunch break.  I brought a lunch so I was good on the food.  When we got home I went out for a 12 mile run which was also spectacular because the weather here was perfect.  Little bit cool and sunny.  I loved the run.  It was refreshing and happy.  I am having a bit of pain in my right knee which scares the heck out of me and I am going to take it very easy for a couple of days to see where it goes.  I don’t want to get injured so time off now will reduce time off later if I get really hurt.  Never had knee issues so this is a surprise.  I ended Sunday with good, healthy eating and a movie with my wife.

How was your weekend on the healthy journey?


Being a people builder is most important: Warning, this is a rant!!!!


image credit: powerfitcamp

I need to get this fitness rant off of my chest.  I am growing weary of the arguments about the fat burningzone and calorie burning.

I am also sad in a way because I have been experiencing these arguments presented by marathoners and ultra-runners.  I keep seeing these really experienced runners tell people just starting on the weight loss journey that the fat burning zone is bogus and that higher intensity is better.  I am bummed out by this.  It does not make me sad because they are lying, for calorie burning is based on heart rate and heat exchange.  The more heart beats you get per minute the more calories you are going to burn.  They speak the truth, it is how they speak it that gets to me.

Here is what really pisses me off.  You have a really fit and experienced person talking to a person who is just starting out.  Maybe that person has to lose 100+ pounds or maybe they just want to see if they can start running.  The beginner reads about the fat burning zone, or run/walk methods and finds hope because they don’t believe “yet” that they are capable of high intensity stuff, but they finally found something that THEY FEEL they can do.  They voice their excitement regarding the capability of burning fat with exercise as a way to help them lose weight.  Then, the experienced person poops all over their idea by telling them that it’s not true and that high intensity will burn more calories thereby bringing more weight loss.  Then the beginner says in their own minds, “Oh man, what am I going to do.  I can’t run, or ride, and lift like they do.  Maybe I can’t /shouldn’t do this after all.”  That is what makes me mad.

Sure, tell your experienced cohorts that have been doing it for a year or more and have a foundation on what they are capable of, but don’t scare the crap out of a person who wants a new lease on life.  People need to ease into it sometimes.  They need to find their own way.  They NEED to start believing in themselves before they can go conquer a hardcore workout.  This is where I think that these conversations need to go.  After the beginner exclaims their hope and excitement regarding being able to finally exercise, the experience person can tell the new person, “Yeah, isn’t that cool.  Starting an activity program is so essential to health. Exercising at a lower intensity will help you stay out there longer.  It will help you really get a good habit of activity developed.  You don’t have to kill yourself to get your physical life back together and I think you are doing great by starting an exercise/running plan.  You are going to progress just fine and get to where you can do even more.”

I have come across elitist attitudes before with ultra-runners (most all of them do not have this attitude by-the-way) who have forgotten what it was like for their first run.  Now they can go miles and miles.  Well, so can I.  I can go forever it seems like compared to the 12 minutes of low intensity that I could do on a bike when I started, but not everyone can and not everyone wants to.  Some people want to run and then walk all the way to the finish line.  Some people don’t want to push their own ultimate endurance limits.  They just want a better life that is more fulfilling where they can be a part of activities that they never would be a part of prior.

Now I am not picking on runners or ultra-runners here.  I love them.  I love every-body’s efforts to improve.  It goes back to the heart of if.  Are they talking to the person and throwing out bland but true information or are they trying to help a fellow mate make a huge stride and start an exercise habit.  It’s true, higher intensity will burn more calories per hour than lower intensity.  It is true that you burn a higher percentage of fat calories per hour at lower intensity even though it is not as many calories.  Everything in it’s place and in it’s time.  I have told people to go 100% and burn burn burn, but they don’t even know what 100% is yet.  Shoot, getting to the gym at all was 100% to me.  If I was confined to having to only do high intensity exercise I never would have lost my weight because I never would have kept at it because I would have hated it or compares myself to others to much.

Am I way off base here?  It goes back to the “having heart” issue for me.  Being a people builder is far more important to me than being right all the time.  What do you guys think of this rant?  Tell me, tell me please 🙂


Non-blogger contest entry. Why I felt great here! It’s a good one.

Shannon's contest submission 
Another great reader who does not have a blog (yet, hahaha) wanted to take part in all this inspiration.  Her name is Shannon and she accomplished a very awesome display of endurance.  Check this non-blogger’s contest submission out.  As you can see, the pic is great.
This picture was taken in Sept. 08, at the time I had only lost 40 pounds.  I had always wanted to climb Mt. St. Helens and knew that I was not fit enough.  I told myself that this was the year, so when the opportunity came around I said, “YES!”  When we reached the rim of the mountain I was overcome with emotion!  Every time I look at this picture it makes me feel so good about myself.  It gives me a feeling of accomplishment.  A feeling of “I can do this!”  Don’t get me wrong, there were times during this climb when I thought “I can’t make it”.  Yet, in the end, I did; and surprised myself with the endurance I had.

Winning the weight loss battle over donuts . HAHA

Donuts with Audrey

Last night I had a little tiny situation.  I was very hungry yesterday, even after my sweet potato at lunch,  so I ate more than I had planned after getting home.  I consumed 12 points extra but it was all from pretty healthy food.  After my dinner I made one of my sister’s famous shakes, had some wasabi peas, coffee,  and a yogurt.  I think I needed it all because I was feeling so hungry.  I had just finished my 6 mile run and was feeling very good about my body and then came the “situation”.  DUM DUM DUUUUUM!!!

My wife casually said that she was going to go get a chocolate donut and asked me to go.  Of course I wanted to go!  But was it for the donut or for the wife.  What do you think I went for 🙂 Continue reading ‘Winning the weight loss battle over donuts . HAHA’