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We all want to be HOT :) Weight Loss Blog Comment Fun!


PIE!Original comment:

All I can say is “DAMN your HOT!” lol…

You definately show that with dedication and commitment what can be achieved. I am so impressed and I know it was not easy, but SOOOO worth it!!


Keep it up Hottie!!! ;-)

My reply:


Warning! Extremely Important Reality Statement Ahead!!!!!!!! Ok, we all walk, run, exercise, eat healthy, control portions, make good food choices, and stick to our program solely for health purposes that our DR. told us we needed to take care. We don’t care about anything else, especially looking better.

) NOT. WE WANT TO LOOK “HOT” AND FIT INTO THOSE DANG CLOTHES THAT MAKE US LOOK AND FEEL GREAT. SKINNY JEANS YOU LADIES CALL IT. Lets face it. We do honorable things for our health and bodies by changing our lives. But we all wouldn’t mind to be called “HOT”. )

Thanks you very much Colette, a very encouraging compliment. Much appreciated. Thanks for the comment. )