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Amazing before and after pics. Loose skin, surgery, great results. check it out

I found these pics today.  I have seen this person on TV once before but I never got to see the results of the loose skin removal surgery.  I think they are pretty amazing pics and they will probably inspire you.




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Weight loss caused loose skin. To remedy with surgery or live with the flap

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I have been thinking more and more about this loose skin subject.  I am seriously considering doing it now.  Not to long ago I posted on this subject and kind of came to the conclusion that I should not get a tummy tuck/abdominoplasty.  I am slowly moving in the direction of getting it done now.  i am tired of seeing the extra fat/skin on my lower stomach.    As I said a couple of days ago, sometimes I have a “good body day” where I don’t mind it so much, but most of the time I just stare at it.  I think about how it hangs there and how I wish it was gone.

So here I am again.  Back at the drawing board trying to decide whether or not to cut off my stomach or not.  I am mostly worried about two major issues.  Well, major issues in my mind at least:

  1. I am so scared of going under with anesthesia
  2. I am worried about not being able to exercise during the recovery and whether or not I will be able to maintain my weight during that period.

Recently, I have been told some things about these two issues from people who have gone through with it.  One person said that they were able to get local anaesthesia instead of going all the way under because they only got the skin removed and had no work done on the abs.  Most women have ab work done because of prior pregnancies, but I don’t have that issue.  This is the thing that really got me thinking about doing the surgery.  The other issue was that all of the people I talked to either stayed the same or lost during the recovery.  Of course they all gained at first from swelling but after the basic 6 week no-exercise rule they lost or stayed the same.  This is looking pretty promising.

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I am going to try and get with some doctors about this and discuss what the options are.  If I do it, I would like to do it in October after the Portland Marathon.  I will keep you all posted as to what I learn and how the visits with the doctors go.

If I do go through with it, I will start taking and posting the real pics of my lose skin as to document the change.


Weight loss, loose skin, surgery, and remedies: Q&A
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Losing 130 lbs takes a lot of bulk from under your skin.  I have loose skin as a result of my weight loss.  I don’t like it much, but it is worth it.  You would be surprised at how many people don’t ask this question.  It is like it is taboo or something.  It is, I must say, pretty embarrassing; but it is a reality of becoming healthy after you haven’t been for so long.  The pic to the right is a good example of loose skin.  No, I am sorry,  It is not my loose skin.  I took pictures of mine but I was just to embarrassed.  Mine does look very similar though. Here are the questions that I received regarding the loose skin.





  1. So has your body adapted to your weight loss by toning  up the extra skin or do you still have access skin?
  2. Ok, yes, tell us about the skin! I am starting to look like an old (emptier) saggy bag!
  3. Regarding the flappy skin, do you think you’ll have surgery to remove it?

My body has adapted some but I am sorry to tell you it has not adapted as much as I had hoped for.  I am very disappointed in this and constantly ask for reassurance from my wife about it.   One weird thing that has happened though is that I can tell how dehydrated I am by feeling and looking at the loose belly skin.  As I said, my skin looks similar to the picture above except that mine is bigger.  When people get loose skin from weight loss, it is not just skin.  The flap contains glandular material, cells, and skin.  I learned that from watching many surgeries.  I also have some loose skin on my inner legs and (HAHAHA) butt cheeks.  It is funny because I never had a butt in the first place.  The skin is not noticeable in these areas and it is minimal.  I am not expecting the skin to reduce in size anymore.  It has been over a year now.  Don’t forget to keep reading.  Good resources and more of my story below. Continue reading ‘Weight loss, loose skin, surgery, and remedies: Q&A’