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My Record Breaking Marathon Playlist


I am going to attempt to break the Marathon World Record Personal Record for my 13 th marathon this Sunday.  I am going to try and run a sub 4 hour marathon.  My previous best is 4:06 and I did that in my 12th marathon last month.  I will be running my 13th marathon in the Leprechaun Marathon.  My running coach has really helped me believe in my ability to run faster than I once thought would ever be possible for me.  I know I can do it.  I have to run an average pace of a 9:09 minute mile for 26.2 miles in order to break 4 hours.   I need to run a 9:22 pace to break my personal record but I am just to extreme for that.  I am going for the sub 4 hour. The main reason for this post is to show off my playlist for this record breaking attempt.  Now don’t make fun. HAHAHA.  It is mostly 80’s music with a couple of new alternative songs that my wife and I really like.  It is generally happy and energetic music.  Since this marathon allows Ipods, headphones, etc. I am going to take advantage of the peppy music.  So here it is.  Make sure you take the poll and watch the real Marathon World Record finish at the end of the post. Continue reading ‘My Record Breaking Marathon Playlist’