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Do you make these mistakes?

Ski food

Sometimes we just say “screw it”! The mistakes we make during our weight loss journey can really beat us up.  It is easy to leave a restaurant feeling like a failure.  I know because I did it yesterday. So what are these mistakes and how do we improve after making them.

  1. Sometimes we just say “screw” it!  This is a mistake we really never have to make.  We never have to stop counting what we eat.  Even if we falter big time, we can still count, write down, and keep track of what we eat and learn from it.  You can improve on this weight loss mistake by carrying a small note pad with you to jot down what you ate while you were away.  Also, jot down how you might have been feeling when you said, “screw it”.  This will help you prepare for future events.
  2. We wait to long between our snacks/meals!  This is a huge mistake.  If you wait too long between meals, you are going to be unnecessarily hungry.  When you are ravenous, you are not wanting to eat fruits and veggies but rather fast junk like cookies, chips, and other trigger foods.  Once it is too late, you try to tame that wild hunger and get stuffed and probably don’t count it.  Improve on this by being prepared with snacks on hand.  Fruit, low cal. bars, lots of water, and anything healthy thing that will get you by and keep your hunger level even.  I eat every 1.5-2 hrs on most days.
  3. We don’t plan!  Going out on a date, to a movie, visiting friends, or going to an office party? YOU NEED TO PLAN.   If you don’t plan you are likely to just say “screw it”, let yourself get to hungry, and feel like crap for not doing good on your program.  You can improve on this by taking just 5 minutes to make a mental picture of what you are going to do in the circumstance before you leave.  To take it a step further, write down your plan before you leave and check out the menu’s on-line of the restaurant you’re going to .

Just so you know, I make these mistakes too.  Actually, I made all of them yesterday.  I went skiing with my wife, didn’t eat for many hours, and guess what happened.  Well, I said “screw it” for only 13 minutes out of 24 hours and the pictures show the damage :).  I didn’t eat it all by myself.  I shared it with my wife.  I didn’t count it at the time, but today I am going to go ahead and back track to get it all down on paper to deal with the damage right up front.


Ski food after