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Back yard firepit for my landscape. Natural stone work.

This is the before pic. of my fire pit area

This is the before pic. of my fire pit area

This fire pit grounds is the area I am most excited about in my entire landscaping adventure.  The stone table that I mentioned before is sitting right where the fire pit will be.  I have already built the flagstone pathway to and from the area.  The fire pit will be surrounded by a patio that I will lay down using the same flagstone as I did for all of my paths.  The table is going to be semi-backed up to the small pump house to the right.  Rather than a table to sit at, it is going to be more of a table to set your smore’s ingredients on. HAHAHA.  I plan to put three or so Adirondack chairs and two large natural stones to sit on for those who want to enjoy the fire pit and patio.  The view from this area looks out over the entire back yard, deck off the back of the house,  and also directly toward my future CROSS SCULPTURE.  It was all planned based on the view of the people at the fire pit.  The plantings will enclose the area to make if have a “forest campground” feel to it. 

I am getting the table moved this week and I hope to have the whole patio and fire pit finished by the end of next week.  I will post the after pictures when I am done.