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Do you ever fudge? Read this to see why I gained weight!

peanut-butter-fudgeThe cat is out of the bag.  I confessed it to my sister already so now it is your turn.  Lucky you huh!!  You may laugh, you may cry, you may say “Crap!!  I do that too!!”  So due to my weight gain at the last WI, I did some searching and recollecting on my food intake.  Oh yeah, I found a few little big fudges that I constantly do.  Not sure if they made me gain but they sure could have.

On this blog and on the WW boards, many many people recommended that I eat more.  But through my research into my gain I learned that eating more may not be the “final” answer.  I wondered if I should eat more but I also found out that I was eating more than I was documenting.  Thus the “FUDGE”.  The truth is that I am not sure how much I was eating but I am sure that I was eating more than I was counting.  I also found out from some very wonderful links and equations that I may have been over stating the number of points I was getting for exercise.  Not that I did this on purpose, but the WW online is a bit general in these activity calculations for running so I learned more accurate ways to do it.  I realized on this that I was not getting as many AP’s as I thought.  Read on to find out how I was fudging the heck out of things. HAHAHA Continue reading ‘Do you ever fudge? Read this to see why I gained weight!’


Dinner Time: Nobody starves at my house, especially ME!

Tilapia and potatoes 2Alright everybody, I have gotten mucho feed back when I post some of the food I eat on the blog.  So I decided to do a post on a meal that is sure to fill you up yet not steal away all of your points.  This meal is one that I often make whether I have a lot of point left over or just a few.  I love it, it tastes great, and IT WILL GET YOU FULL AND SATISFIED!!!  The pic to the left is a pic inspired by many of your pics that you take of food.  The pic below is to demonstrate the raw size and amount of the food that you get.  I like quantity and I emphasize it when I cook.  Here is what is in the meal.

  • Tilapia Fillet= 2 points  (Pan fried with cooling spray)
  • Asian style veggies= zero points (Steamed)
  • 9 oz potato= 3 points (Baked, thinly sliced, then pan fried with cooking spray)
  • Popcorn= 1 point (Microwave)
  • Sugar free/fat free jello and cool whip= 1 point

Total number of points for this huge amount of food= 7 POINTS

Bonus material:  I can wear a size 32 jean.  Before I wore a size 44.

Tilapia and potatoes


What and the heck do you eat?

This is what I will be eating while at work today.

This is what I will be eating while at work today.

This is what I am eating at work today.  I ate 4 points for breakfast before I got to work and drank 2 points worth of coffee with creamer in it.  Here is the order in which I am going to eat this food.

7:00 am-  Popcorn and yogurt

9:00 am-  Two packets of low sugar oatmeal and banana

11:00 am- Lean Cuisine, one clementine, and one carrot

12:30 pm- Green beans, jello, clementine

2:30 pm- Soup and one carrot.

So that is how I eat on a normal day.  This is kind of my schedule of intake I guess.  Throw a couple of diet cokes into the mix and I am set until about 6:30 when I eat dinner.

See my lunch the last time I posted a picture of it here

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Healthy eats & Good treats: Chung’s spring rolls

chungs-spring-rollsWhen I first started Weight Watchers, my sister and I found these gems.  Some friend of my sisters’ recommended them.  I loved them so much and they really helped me stay on the program and feel like I was able to eat anything I wanted.  They taste great and they are pretty low in points.  I used to eat the whole box at once.  It was really filling.  There are 5 rolls per box and it takes 2 minutes to cook them in the microwave.  I think the whole box is around 7.5-8 points.

This information also includes eating the sweet sauce that comes with the rolls.  At first I did not like the sauce but it grew on me.  Now I always use the sauce.  You can buy Chung’s veggie spring rolls at these stores.  They also have a websitethat you can look at if you want to.  Hopefully this is helpful for ya.  It sure was fun talking to you.


Healthy eats & Good treats: Alternative Bagels

alternative-bagelI wanted to start trying to post about some of the tasty foods that help me stay on track.  You know, those foods that are substitutes for the more unhealthy choices we could make.  Here is a good example.  Bagels can be pretty high in points/calories.  I like bagels, my mom always gave them to me in my lunches back in the day.  These bagels produced by Western Bagel are a good substitute for the normal high cal. bagel.

Calories: 110

Fiber: 7 grams

Fat: Fat free

Flavors: Cinnamon spice, country white, roasted onion, sweet wheat, and very blueberry.

I like to get the cinnamon.  It is like eating a tasty little dessert.  Add some fat free or Weight Watchers cream cheese to make it a 2 point snack.  Sometimes healthier choices are small and not as yummy, but these bagels have the same texture, taste, and size of a normal bagel.  That is all a plus for me.  I don’t feel deprived eating these.  If you like bagels, you should give these a try.  It will be worth it.  You can buy them on their website or you can find them at Super Walmart