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More record setting: Running and eating

World Record holder for the mile: 3:43.13

World Record holder for the mile: 3:43.13

To the left is the current world record holder for the one mile distance.  Pretty amazing to go a mile in 3:43.  That is running about 16 miles per hour.  That is very fast. (This link will show you the progression of men’s and woman’s mile world records.)

Today I set my own record for the mile.  I ran a mile in 5:36.83 besting my previous record of 5:41 from only months ago.  Prior to that my PR was 6 something.  My legs turned to rubber after I finished and I still had the rest of my workout to do.  I ran 1.25 miles to the track, did my mile time trial, and then finished it off with 8X400 meters at my 5K pace (6:08).  It was a hard workout and my mental toughness was not where it normally is.  I really had to fight to keep on keeping today.  I have been going through a lot lately so mentally I am pretty damn tired.  I still did it though and I am proud of not giving up even when my lungs felt like they were on fire.  HAHAHAHAHA

Unfortunately, I had three pepperoni’s afterward.  I have been having the worst of times with my eating.  I want to do good so bad but I keep on eating junk.  I tried to draw a line in the sand like Steve said but I just haven’t been able to stay on the right side of the line.  Life is not over, the journey isn’t ending, but I have a lot of guilt and negative feelings about how I have been eating the the weight that I have gained.  I don’t like this as it is exactly the stinking thinking that I don’t want to be doing.  I don’t like.

On another note, I have been going through an intensive audit for three weeks now.  This audit is the intense scrutiny of every tiny little aspect of my job and my responsibilities there.  For 8 hours a day I am questioned, I am quizzed, I am doubted.  During the audit, I must provide scientific justification for every decision I make regarding my job.  My job is important, my job is essential, but so much of what these audit put you through is based on everything except common sense.  It is all based on the auditor covering their ass and I am trying to do the same thing while they audit me.  I argue with the auditor regarding my decisions.  Anyway, no matter what those suckers throw at me, I have the answer for them.  I have what they want.  In fact, even though the stress level is high, I am conquering.  I think today was the last day and I came out on top.  I won the battle.  Luckily, I had a nice auditor.  🙂

It is time to go to bed.  I get depressed if I don’t get at least 6 hours of sleep.  So thanks for listening.  Thanks for commenting.  Thanks for caring.  You guys are great.  Each comment I read is an uplifting event that helps me maintain.