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Good eats with no treats!

Oh thank goodness for mistakes that move into the past tense.  So so much easier to talk about something that you aren’t doing anymore. HAHAHA  So I had a blowout with donuts but that is over.

Yesterday I ate really well for my weight watchers program. I also ate a bunch of really healthy food and not much snacky foods.  After work I ran for about 4 miles nice and easy as a recovery run.  I am going to take it pretty calmly this week since I did run harder than I ever had.  However, I will still be able to get a fair amount of running in.  The run was very beautiful since the weather was just superb.  Sunny, warm, and no rain.  I wore lots of clothes to begin somewhat heat training myself for my 40 miler.  Although it was warm out, I wore gloves, hat, long sleeved shirt, and a coat for the run.  It was nice.

Once I got home I snacked on some salsa before I went out to plant some more trees.  I got three more done and two of them were of the largest group.  They are around 12 feet tall so the holes had to be really big and the trees themselves are heavy also.  It was well worth the effort though and my wife liked it too so that made it really worth the effort.  My wonderful wife made me some whole wheat noodles, chicken, and veggies for dinner.  What a great WW day it was.

Above is a picture of Pamela Anderson chowing down.  We all gotta get our eats!!

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