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Big ‘ol trees planted. Moving on to next phase.

10 ft. cedars are now planted.

10 ft. cedars are now planted.

Ok, I just saw this picture on my wifes blog.  She is so awesome a taking outdoor pictures.  I knew she took them and I had planned to steal them from her but I did not know that she blogged about the yard yet this week.  So I used my high tech theivery to get it on my blog.  I am always jealous of her blog because I think it is sooo cool.

Anyway, the trees are in.  This if four out of the six that I planted as a privacy screen.  The flower bed that they are in will container other shrubs that will be around 6 ft. wide by 6 ft. tall mature hieght.  This will add more screening yet not overwhelm the yard with trees and shade.  The planting bed itself is about 200 feet long so it will take a lot of calorie burning work to fill it.

I have three trees to plant and they will be here by Wednesday.  I also have a couple of trees that I must dig up and move to other locations to make it all flow well.  The transplant will be the harder ones.  They take more digging and more time.

So there you go for my little landscaping up-date.