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Totally Rad (funny word eh?) Food Find: Tortillas

tortillaI love burritos. Before I lost my weight I always made stuff into burritos.  I made mac and cheese burritos, rice burritos, bean, cheese, ham, etc.  Everything can go into a burrito.  I stopped this because for the most part burrito shells are to high in points and even the ones that are lower in points are really not that filling.  That is until now.  I have found a God send for my love affair with burritos.

La Tortilla Factory Low Carb/Lowfat Large tortillas are the best find yet as far as my burrito savvy is concerned.  They have mucho fiber so they fill you up (some people can’t take this much fiber on their stomachs, it is not a problem for me though), they are low in fat and they pack the punch of ONLY ONE WW POINT EACH.  Now that is what I’m talking about. 

I have been using them all week to make burritos for my lunch.  The night I bought them I basically made the whole package into burritos that I could just grab from the fridge in the morning as part of my lunch.  Below is a picture of my burrito and it’s mammoth size.  I put my cell phone next to it for perspective.  It weighed about 3/4+ pounds.


Here is what I put into this burrito to make a filling snack that was ONLY 3 POINTS.

  1. 3oz chicken breast (2 points)
  2. One large tortilla (1 point)
  3. Four slices of red and green bell peppers
  4. Pico de gallo salsa

I am so happy to be in burrito land again.  Do you guys like burritos/wraps?  Have you had these tortillas?  What do you think about them?


Dinner Time: Nobody starves at my house, especially ME!

Tilapia and potatoes 2Alright everybody, I have gotten mucho feed back when I post some of the food I eat on the blog.  So I decided to do a post on a meal that is sure to fill you up yet not steal away all of your points.  This meal is one that I often make whether I have a lot of point left over or just a few.  I love it, it tastes great, and IT WILL GET YOU FULL AND SATISFIED!!!  The pic to the left is a pic inspired by many of your pics that you take of food.  The pic below is to demonstrate the raw size and amount of the food that you get.  I like quantity and I emphasize it when I cook.  Here is what is in the meal.

  • Tilapia Fillet= 2 points  (Pan fried with cooling spray)
  • Asian style veggies= zero points (Steamed)
  • 9 oz potato= 3 points (Baked, thinly sliced, then pan fried with cooking spray)
  • Popcorn= 1 point (Microwave)
  • Sugar free/fat free jello and cool whip= 1 point

Total number of points for this huge amount of food= 7 POINTS

Bonus material:  I can wear a size 32 jean.  Before I wore a size 44.

Tilapia and potatoes


believe it or not! I had some pie and it was good.

turtle_pumpkin_pieHello everyone.  So far there are 15 votes that I would eat some pie, 9 votes that I would have no pie, and 2 votes that I would eat the whole pie.  Well guess what, last night I went skiing again with my beautiful wife Audrey.  Guess what I took with me and left in the trunk.  Oh yeah, the pie.  It waited patiently for our return.  When I opened the trunk up I could smell the crust.  Anyway, my wife and I shared a piece.  We traded the pie for the going out to dinner.  So I had a very small amount of pie which I am pretty sure amounted to 8 points.  The dinner we had last weekend after skiing put me out 20 something points.  Although not as filling, the pie was very good and it was very satisfying.  Thanks for participating and voting.  That was really fun to me and I hope you enjoyed it too.  The great part is that I still managed to stay within all necessary points even though I ate the pie.  Not to bad I guess.  I also got 4 points for the skiing that I did, had a great time with my wife, and lived a little on the wild side flying down the mountain.  I guess, all in all the “PIE EVENT” went well.  The cool thing about this journey and this life is that we can live a little you know.  We can enjoy.  The real truth is that I would have eaten the whole thing or at least more than half just 2 years ago.  And that would have been after my dinner :).  So victory is in hand still.  Thanks for your support. You guys are great and I thank you for reading this blog.  You are a great comfort and inspiration to me.  Muchas Gracias.


Easy way to change the eating routine

Caped MaxI spiced up my night be making a small change to a normal type of dessert.  It was more points than I wanted but it was good.  It also inserted a tiny bit of variety into my life.  Don’t make fun of me now because it is so so simple.  I a lot of times eat a 1 point sugar free/fat free pudding at night for dessert.  I was a good boy with my activity and ran for an hour with my wife so I had extra room for points.  Here is what I ate all mixed up together:

  • 1 banana (2 pts)
  • 1 chocolate pudding (1 pts)
  • 1 strawberry thick and creamy yogurt (2 pts)

I know that it is nothing special, but I wanted more of a sweet thing.  I mixed it all up and ate it from a big coffee mug.  I was pretty good.  It was better than the alternative: eating raw cookie dough that hides itself in the freezer or the granola bars in the pantry that are 4 points for half.  So I went on into the night happily ever after with my other sweet thing, my wife.  We watched my big fat greek wedding.  I hadn’t seen it for a long time.  It was fun!


Menudo True or False? With Recipe


Ah yes, the wonderul and alluring Menudo (cows stomach).  Old mexican (maybe not so old) traditions hold to the truth that menudo is a sure fire way to cure a hang-over and bring back the passion to a love life.  Personally, I think it tastes like bland rubber.  HAHA.  If this was all I had to eat I could lose a lot more weight.  Anybody been cured before?  What do you think, let me know?

Here is a Menudo soup recipe