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Shin splints anyone? Professional advice on shin pain

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I found a really cool blog the other day searching through wordpress.  It is a great shoe blog written  by a Doctor of Podiatry.  It’s called Dr. Jenny Sanders Shoe Blog.  She does great writting regarding proper shoes.  Not just running shoes either, but all types of shoes.

She is a podiatrist who has been practicing in the Financial District of San Francisco since 1990. Here is what she says about herself, “At some point early in my career, I started to realize that many of the foot problems I encountered were directly related to improperly fitting or excessively worn shoes. So, I did what any shoe loving, problem solving, insatiably curious podiatrist would do – I let my patient’s feet and shoes teach and guide me toward a more comprehensive understanding of shoes, feet, fit and how when ignored, almost certainly leads to pain.”

So I asked her to write a guest blog here at run4change because she is a pro. and a lot of you have asked me about shin splints from running and/or walking.  So here it is: Continue reading ‘Shin splints anyone? Professional advice on shin pain’