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Skinny person says,”I need to lose weight”. Larger person says, “What the …………”

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I was absolutely blown away by a comment on one of my previous posts.  I mean I was totally shocked.  In fact, I can’t even express the shock/eye opening/revelation/amazingness.

I have not experienced an “Oh my God” moment like this for a long long time.  This was not a “hater” comment, nor was it even a negative comment.  It just simply opened my eyes to the truth in a very real way.  I love this about having my blog.  You all say some amazing things that stir up thought and emotions that help me and others grow. 
Basically, the comment touched on a situation that we are all very familar with.  Here is the situation as the commentator put it, “Speaking from my own experiences, you know how when you were fat and some skinny person would talk about how fat they were, or how they needed to lose weight? And you would think to yourself “oh, pul-leeze!”  So my commentator friend told me “Well that’s you now, dude.”
This was in no way meant to be offensive or mean and I did not take it that way.  It was like the first time that I realized that the skinny person in the story is me.  I have kept my weight off for over a year now and it took a wonderful person to say, “Well that’s you now, dude.” for me to actually see it.  Holy freakin A.  I sent shock waves through me.  I was sitting in bed at 4:30 in the morning reading this comment on my blackberry all tired and such but when I read that little part I was wide awake and in Awe. 
Part of me was happy that I was the skinny person but part of me was scared that I had been doing the skinny person part in the situation.  I hope that I have not been offending anyone because I am a skinny person hoping to lose 8 more lbs or so.  I don’t think I have.  I am pretty sure that everyone knows my heart and that I am just trying to be as healthy as an emotional eater can be.  I came from being really big to now being healthy but I guess I just never saw it that way.  I guess the fat mind is still in much more control than I had thought. HAHAHA.  Put yourself in my shoes for a minute.  Think of yourself at your goal weight, feeling super strong and healthy, and reading this comment.   I read that comment and for a split second think why would she say  that I am that person (Because that is what I first said because I never thought of myself as that person) and then BAM,  It hits me like a ton of bricks.
Thank you Maggieapril for leaving that comment.  You really helped open my eyes to the fact that I have accomplished a lot.  I know that I know this already and many people tell me all the time but your comment just revealed it in such a unique and real way to me.  I needed that.

Super Skinny Super Models: Give me something beefier!

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I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the modeling industry.  I had a friend back in the day who was a model.  She was 5’8″ and weighed 120 lbs.  After she became a model, they wanted her to lose 15 pounds.  That is crazy.  In order to do so, there was not much eating and a whole lot of partying.  The first picture from pennilessjellyfish had a comment by it that asked if guys thought that this was attractive.  I sure don’t think so.  Not that there is anything wrong with the girl, she just fell for the lie about health and  what is attractive.  The second picture dealt with Spain putting a ban on models that were too thin.  I like the idea myself.
I think that this overly thin look isn’t good for anyone.  It’s not good for the models, it’s not good for the kids, it’s not good for the adults, it’s not good for anything.  Sure it brings in the dough like crazy and that’s why they do it, but at what cost.  Most people have meat on their bones.  A whole lotta people have a whole lotta meat on their bones.  Boy, the pressure in that industry must be agonizing.  
I mean, I go to weight watchers and see all these wonderful and beautiful “real” women.  They will never look like this probably and I thank God for it.  They might want to look like this, but that is what makes me upset.  It ‘s good to have a visual image for your goal, but one that is healthily attainable as well as maintainable.  This is just my two-cents worth of course.