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Thinking about doing a contest, what do you think?

skiing-1-18-9-002I was inspired by Teresa over at mammawantsasixpack yesterday.  She commented on my post about seeing the embarrasment in peoples eyes as I run by them.  She said this about the title to the post,

“You should put that on a t-shirt! Then you can wear it on your run and heck I’d buy it and wear it to the gym.”

So I got this idea to do a contest where someone can win a shirt that says that on it.  I have never done this and I have a few concerns about it.  I would love to hear your input regarding the few concerns that I have.  Here are my concerns, please leave a comment with your opinions/observations/recommendations.

  • What do you guys think of the general idea of a contest?
  • When someone wins the shirt, I will have to mail it to them.  That means I will have to get there address.  Does this weird you guys out?  My wife says that anyone who doesn’t want me to know their address just won’t take part.  What do you think?
  • What kind of contest would you like to have?  Throw out your ideas on this.

That is it for this little curiosity post.  Have a good day.