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Strolling Jim 40 miler 2010 continued: 22 miles, chocolate cookie, heat, humidity, not good!!!!!!!!

Here I am out on the course. The man in front of me was 65 years old and very encouraging. He had lost 30 lbs and was going to lose 50 more. He said he was proud of me and "JASON!!!! Keep Going and NEVER stop running!!! GO GO GO!!!" That was at the tope of his lungs as I passed him. He also said I was a wise runner.

I really only had one rough patch during the race and that happened at mile 22.  A dear boy said, “Hey mister, do you want a chocolate cookie??”  Well I knew that this did not do well with my tummy but how could I say no.  I had three bites and threw it in the bushes when he couldn’t see.  I almost immediately got blood sugar roller coaster mania and felt sick.  This last for about 2 miles when it finally evened out.  No cookies for me.  Not that early at least.  HAHAHAHAHA.  Basically I ran all the flats and down hills at a nice relaxed pace.  It is a VERY hilly race so when I got to any hill I just walked and talked with other runners so that I could learn about them and meet people.  It was really nice not to push pace at all.  I was also heavier during this race than any other race I had ever done but I fared well I would say.  And my green shirt looked cool I think.

Just another pic of me running from afar

The guy behind me in the above pic was probably the only factor that added some “push” for me.  He was in front of my most of the time and we also leap frogged often.  But towards the end he was in front of me by a long ways and I was determined to beat him in.  I did beat him in by a long ways in the end.  I really picked up the pace for the last 5k.  I was happy about this. LOL.  I hit the marathon and 50k marks feeling very good.  I did not struggle in this race to keep on really with the exception of the cookie incident.  It is amazing how the beauty of the course takes you in and helps you to enjoy your time out there with friends.  Speaking of friends, my friend was an awesome handler.  She met me every 5 miles and because of this we met a fantastic family from the area.  The guys wife also met him every 5 miles or so and she had about three weeks worth of yummy food in the back of her suburban.  She was so kind to me and many other runs always stopping and asking if I needed anything to eat or drink.  Thankfully, she had REGULAR COKE in the back and I took a bottle of it around mile 30 and it FELT GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.   I took another one at 38 miles.  I love regular coke during an ultra marathon.  Because of the 100 year flooding that occurred during and after the race, I was blessed enough to be taken in by this family for about two days while I searched with my friend for a way back to the airport.  This woman, named Lisa and husband mike, made me biscuits and gravy.  I mentioned how much I loved them at the finish line and she invited us over to eat some that she especially made for me.  HAHAHAHA.  They are wonderful and I will never forget them for as long as I live.  They made the trip so much more memorable.

Adjusting my water bottles as I run in to meet my friend at a 5 mile marker.

I also have to say that having my friend meet me every 5 miles was such an encouragement.  Even though I did not need anything, it was nice to know that someone was going to be waiting for me just to look at me with encouragement and tell me to keep on.  I have never had this much support on this race before.  It was really cool.

At this point I am starting to move a bit faster. It is getting closer to the end.

During this race  I pondered on many things in my life.  What was to become of it, what had happened in it, what I was going to do with all of it……………and it was really good for me.  It was hard as I have a lot of memories with Audrey for this race.  She had gone with me the last two times I ran it.  This time, I had to work at making new memories, with new friends, with new strategies, and a new future.  I have to admit, it was not easy at all.  In fact, it was really hard, but I made it to the end with victory.  I feel good about that.


Long race #22, 3 full years of running, Strolling Jim 40 Miler #3. Race report 1


This is the story of the original Strolling Jim Horse

This is the town center sign which traditionally welcomes all the racers.

I still love the Strolling Jim 40 miler.  I can’t even express how much I like it and how much cooler it is than any other race I have ever done.  First off, it is on pavement and I love to run on the road far more than on trails which is weird for an ultra-runner.  Second, the scenery is absolutely awesome, lush, nostalgic, and refreshing.  Thirdly, the people at the race are just too kind.  Wartrace is a very tiny town in middle Tennessee but it is a beautiful place.  The race starts right in the center of the town.  Days prior to the race, the weather predictions said it would be severe thunderstorms, rain, and tornados.  WOW!!!  How fun right!!!  LOL.  It was fun though and there was probably only about an hour max of thunder, lightning, and rain but the tornado watch was on for two days.  At 4:30 am I walked out of my motel room to roam around outside to check out the weather.  It was very warm and humid and the sky was darkly ominous.  After some coffee and walking outside I hunkered down in the room again to watch how to get “Financial Freedom in 30 days” from buying real estate.  This was interrupted with tornado watch until at least 11 am.  This would, however, go on for two days.  HAHAHAHAHA.  At 7 a.m. on May 1st 2010 100+ ultra-runners took off to complete the 32nd running of the race.

Here is where we started the race.

And we all eagerly take off for our adventure. This was my first race that I did not wear my traditional black shirt. I wore my favorite color on this race: GREEN!

A rail road runs right through the middle of the town where the starting line is.

I am always pretty nervous and quiet prior to starting a race.  Even though this was my third consecutive Strolling Jim, I was still nervous because it is such a special race and you never know what it will be like during such a long run.  But once I take that first step of the run I fall into my peaceful place (that is…………until the lightning started. LOL).  The race goes right into hills immediately as it bends into its 40 miles.  This race I made a concentrated effort to take things very slow the entire time and to enjoy the process as much as possible.  I was not going for a PR, or a faster time, or anything really…………………I just wanted to enjoy the experience.  I did very minimal training for this race and ran only twice a week max since my 100 mile attempt.  I accomplished my goal for taking it easy.  I thoroughly enjoyed the process of ultra running as it is intended.  I am thankful for being able to take part in my 22nd marathon or longer race and to have the blessing of running for three years consistently. 

More Strolling Jim posts coming up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!