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Questions, Questions, ultra-running questions.


Now that the Strolling Jim is over, I look to my future goals for running.  I alway have a goal in mind prior to the attainment of my first goal.  That way I can keep the momentum going even after I achieve my goals.  Never resting, never sitting still without a purpose.  that is my theory.  Anyway, I have so many questions about this 100 miler thing.  I am caught up in my thoughts regarding the training, nutrition, run/walk strategy,logistics of the aid stations, night running, etc.

One thing about me if you haven’t figured out already, is that I like to know and be prepared.  It brings my confidence up a lot to know that what I am doing is the best way to prepare for the particular race.  When I get to the starting line and have doubts, I like to be able to know that I did the physical training part of the preparation the best I could.  I helps to know that I am ready physically but how does one know that they are ready to run 100 miles??????  I don’t think anyone ever really knows.  They go into it in the best shape possible but just finishing the 100 miles and making it through all of the obstacles that “could” happen is the main goal for each runner.

I just thought I would write this out to make myself feel better.