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Will power and weight loss.


Is will power all it takes to loss weight?  Can you lose weight without being a strong willed person?  Mommymeepa thought a post about will power would be cool, so today I am posting on will power and weight loss.

Is will power all I need to lose weight and keep it off?  I don’t think so. I suppose that I could label those little choices I make right off the bat in the face of temptation as will power though.  Will power is some un-seen force that people believe that they either have or don’t have.  I just don’t believe this.  I feel that everyone has the same chance at losing weight and getting healthy.  I also feel like it has more to do with changing the way we think and the way we organize our environment.  Here are some thoughts on why I think that the battle is not won or lost on will power alone. Continue reading ‘Will power and weight loss.’