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A little late, but worth the read/look!

 This pic was taken last summer when I started my landscaping project.  As I have said before, I removed enough lawn to reduce my mowing time by 1.5 hours.  The pic below was taken after I used a sod cutter to remove the lawn and then I rolled it up.  After that, I had to load a tractor with the rolls and move it to another giant heep of landscape refuse.  I was all happy about removing the sod but once I got it to this point I got serverely over taken with anxiety because the job was just to huge.  I did it though.  The picture below is the former view of the screening bed on the property line between me and my neighboor.  Removing the sod gave the lawn and bed a very nice informal flowing shape.  By the way, those rolls weigh around 60 lbs each.  It took me about a week to remove all the rolls from all the sod that I cut.  This picture shows only about half of the sod that I removed but it is a great demonstration of the vast amount of rolled sod.

sod removal landscape

 So below is the pic I put up the other day.  This was taken from pretty much the same view point as the above pic.  What a difference it made.  Along with the beautiful trees I will plant several Osier Willows, Red and Yellow twig dogwoods, and lost of Spireas.  I will leave most of the shrub plantings to wait until fall because I have no way to easily water this area at the moment.  It is to far from the house to water by hand.  The trees will be fine but the shrubs would need more careful watering.


10 ft. cedars are now planted.

10 ft. cedars are now planted.