Blind eyes opened. On the verge of giving up. Very meaningful post for me (Long)

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

This is just on my heart to write about today.  It is a common feeling to want to give up on weight loss.  I have felt like giving up on myself so many times since I started my weight loss journey that I could not even begin to count how many of these “episodes” that I have had.  I have noticed one common theme during times like this.  I am completely blinded to the truth.  It is as though I have no comprehension of what is “actually” going on.  I get into the negative just a little to deep and I can’t see the light anymore.  I see hopelessness, impossibility, failure as the only option, fear, and worry.  And although the way I am feeling is totally real, my feelings at the time are not based on reality.  My feelings during these times are based on a false perception that I have constructed in my own mind.  That false perception is that I can’t make it to where I want to go.

What do I do about this?  I don’t get like this that much anymore, but it still does happen.  It happens to all of us and not just regarding our weight loss journey.  I think that this is a normal thing the happens in all kinds of aspects of our lives.  I wanted to quit when my masters degree got really tough, I wanted to quit my job when it got crazy and out of control, I wanted to leave when I was fighting with family and wife, but I didn’t.  Why didn’t I quit when the going got tuff?  Because staying in my job, in my marriage, getting my degree, loving my family, and making it to my weight loss goal was worth the temporary pain and hurt whether is was emotional or physical.  It is temporary!!  It won’t last forever.  The pain of not losing will stick with you far longer than the pain of momentary failure will.  Plus, the joy of conquering the momentary failures and moving past and through them is a personal growth point that cannot be replaced.  Read on to find out more info. about winning the fight when you want to give up.

There is no reason to give up

I can honest say that there is no legitimate reason that I can think of for giving up on yourself.  The only reason I or others give up on themselves is because they are blinded from the truth that is before them.  When we are in the “giving up” moment we cannot see clearly, but the people we tell about our pain can.  Think about the people who have shared with you that they want to quit the journey.  What did it look like to you from the outside of the situation.  It looked like a small speed bump.  Maybe it looked like a huge speed bump even but it didn’t look impossible.  There is no reason big enough, no reason powerful enough, no reason devious enough to necessitate giving up on yourself.  It is like when I run the ultra marathons.  There are hard patches during these races where all you can think of it stopping and giving up, but why!!  If I am not injured, I am only giving up in order to replace the joy of success with the temporary relief from hardship.  The hardship will fade if I keep going and I will end up at my goal where I will be able to then appreciate the struggles I conquered.  Giving up could lead to early death from heart problems, cancer, or just plain lower quality of life.  Why would we give up because of temporary grief when the stakes are so high.  I know it is hard but there is no GOOD reason to quit that is more powerful than the reasons to keep going.

How do I get my blind eyes to see again:  The tunnel Picture

The only way out of the “give up” episode is through the episode.  You only have two choices but you do have choices.  You are not stuck without a choice.  You can go back to what you hate or you can go THROUGH what you hate to get to what you want.  It is similar to being in a tunnel that is U-shaped and has no lights.  When you get into the tunnel it is so dark and you cannot see anything.  You are scared to keep going.  You fear what might happen if you get stuck in the tunnel.  But you keep going and as you round the bend of the tunnel, the closer you get to the end of  the tunnel (the episode), the more clearly you begin to see.  And pretty soon you are so close to getting out of the tunnel that your sight is restored.  You rejoice for making it through.  You laugh in the face of the difficult times now because you have made it through.  It becomes a memory that molds you into a more powerful journeyer.  Don’t give up in the tunnel of darkness.  If you do, you have to walk just as far back to the start as you would have to walk to the finish.  Why not keep going, the prize at the end is so worth it.  I hope that this all makes sense because it is so vivid in my mind.  So real and applicable.  To get your blind eyes to see again  you must move through the dark period. 

Don’t be afraid, for you are not alone

I know fear is there in the “give up” episode.  I know the fear is real.  Remember though, the fear of not making it to the goal is only in your mind because getting to the goal is more than possible.  It won’t be easy and it might not happen on your time table, but you will make it to the goal.  When you reach the goal you won’t even care if it happened on your time table anyway for you will be so happy that you just made it to the goal.  Tell a friend, tell me, tell God.  Let out your fears so that an objective person can tell you the truth in love.  That love and truth will cast down the fear so that you can move on.  The hard times of the weight loss journey have been experienced and conquered by many before you.  They are normal people with problems, and time commitments, and challenges just like you.  They made it, you will make it.  Let the light of hope shine before you in these times.  Let hope bring up the images of making it to goal.  If a hard time comes, turn the fear into commitment to see yourself through.  Turn that into a fear of going back instead of a fear of being incapable of moving forward.

The journey in the journey

This weight loss journey is a piece of your overall journey in life.  You will not be able to go through the journey without difficult times.  You will be able to go through the journey though regardless of the difficulties.  This weight loss journey is going to make the rest of the ‘lifes’ journey easier, more enjoyable, and more alive.

Never, Never, Never Give up!

There is nothing that can stop you from getting to your goal except yourself.  This sounds freaky at first but it is a relief when you really think of it.  Your trainer can’t make you quit, your family can’t stopping you from making it, nothing outside of you can stop you.  Only you can make the decision to stop.  Only you.  Anything is possible because everything is up to you.  Help is near.  Friends are around, blogging gives hope, God is there, I am here, family is there.  Fight for yourself.  Fight for your life.  Never give up hope.  Never stop moving forward.  YOU WILL MAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

27 Responses to “Blind eyes opened. On the verge of giving up. Very meaningful post for me (Long)”

  1. March 13, 2009 at 8:01 am

    It’s so true. No matter how down you get, there is always a way out. Yes, it may take a while – but it will happen.
    Having a rough patch does *not* make anyone a failure, and that is the important lesson. Rough patches are a matter of course.

    Thanks for taking the time to write this out.

    • 2 run4change
      March 13, 2009 at 8:03 am

      Good contribution Lori. Thanks for adding it into this post. I agree with you. Thanks for your encouragement too.

  2. 3 Lola
    March 13, 2009 at 9:50 am

    Someone once said the Universe gives you what you need, when you need it. This week has been filled with the type of dark days you describe. Slips and slides that in the past, have driven me to give up. Your post really helped remind me of what needs to be done. Thanks, I really needed to read what you evidently really needed to write.

    • 4 run4change
      March 13, 2009 at 10:06 am

      Lola- your comment was so perfect for me to hear. Although I felt driven to write this post, I was also hoping that it would help someone or that I would get some feedback on it. I particularly appreciate your comment to me on this one. Thanks a million for your support and I am glad that the post helped

  3. March 13, 2009 at 10:37 am

    This was nicely written. And so true! Although I’ve worked for and been blessed with great success so far, I’ve had plenty of those dark moments pop up. I think two parts of what’s making this time different for me are (1) not having the option to quit and (2) having 24×7 support through blogs like yours, regular people who share their knowledge and struggles. Thanks!!! (Although, my daughter sitting on my stomach when I was trying to do crunches and getting underfoot during my lunges this morning *almost* disproved your “no one can make you quit” comment… 😉

  4. 7 Cheryl
    March 13, 2009 at 12:36 pm

    Take it from someone who has gotten where they wanted to be and backslid way too far for their own liking. You have worked far too long and hard to give up. When a dark patch hits, use baby steps to get through it. One meal, hour, day at a time. You are exactly right when you say, that it is all up to you. I find when I remind myself of that, that is when the best progress happens. In the end you can only rely on yourself, and YOU CAN DO IT! You are a huge inspiration – great job:)

  5. March 13, 2009 at 12:56 pm

    This is so true. These past two weeks have been extremely stressful for me. Going in, all I could see was too much that I had to do. I could not do it all alone. A little over a week ago, I turned it all over to God and said, “You direct me please, on how to get through all of this.”

    And, one by one, things have fallen into place. 2 of 3 major major major things have been accomplished. Now, only one remains. And, it doesn’t look so difficult anymore.


  6. 11 charleshbaker
    March 13, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    Great post, man. It applies to life, not just the weight loss journey. Also, even if you stray from the path you can always come back.

  7. March 13, 2009 at 6:45 pm

    Jason, Ilove your emphasis on choices. The fact that we have them, even when it looks like we don’t or we don’t like the choices. Choose to go back to what we hate…or choose to push through what you hate currently to get to the other side. Beautiful! Reminds me of scripture…the one that says…I set before you today…life or death…I urge you to choose life so that you might live! I for one…am not giving up. I am choosing life!

  8. March 13, 2009 at 8:56 pm

    This post couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you for writing this!

    I especially loved the comment, “The hardship will fade if I keep going and I will end up at my goal where I will be able to then appreciate the struggles I conquered.” So true, as I think about my current marathon training (my first!) and my struggles with food.

    • 16 run4change
      March 14, 2009 at 9:50 am

      Sara, I am so blessed that you got something out of the post. Training for a marathon definitely takes commitment but I am sure that you have what it takes. Great job

    • 18 run4change
      March 14, 2009 at 9:50 am

      Melissa, hopefully those are tears of encouragement and not condemnation. YOu are doing great.

  9. 19 donna
    March 13, 2009 at 10:48 pm

    I love this post Jason,you hit it for a lot of people me included.You are so right when you said fight for yourself,fight for your life,because it is definitely that kind of fight.I got so much out of this and I just wanted to thank you for writing it.

    • 20 run4change
      March 14, 2009 at 9:52 am

      Donna, thanks for you support with this post. It is a fight and it is a fight that WE CAN WIN

  10. 21 Angela
    March 14, 2009 at 7:08 am

    Thanks for this entry Jason. It sure is a long road and so easy to become discouraged. This is a good reminder that we’re worth every bit of this battle.

    • 22 run4change
      March 14, 2009 at 9:52 am

      Angela, it is well worth it. Just think about how much better we can do things after we are at goal. It is amazing how much weight can hamper you from doing things

  11. 23 shannon
    March 14, 2009 at 9:16 am

    Great post Jason! I don’t know anyone who has started the weight loss journey who has not felt these exact things. It is nice to know there are others who have the same thoughts as me! I do not feel alone when I read your posts and others comments. It helps everyday to stop by and read your post…kind of a pick me up on the hard days!! Thanks so much for the encouragement. Good luck on your marathon!

    • 24 run4change
      March 14, 2009 at 9:56 am

      Thanks Shannon. If you are getting support through my posts then I am a blessed person. I am glad that they help. Thanks for the good luck. I am going to need it 🙂

  12. 25 ladyc0005
    March 15, 2009 at 9:10 am

    I am book marking this page to read over again. I just fell off the wagon for a long period of time focusing on my job, on-line business and what not. Whenever I give feel like giving up on my weight loss, I tend to shift all my focus in other things in attempts to avoid my feelings about the whole matter. Thanks for sharing so honestly with everyone.

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