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My weigh-in results and a botched fire pit job!!

weigh-in-002As most of you know, yesterday was my day to weigh-in at weight watchers.  I didn’t want to go but I remembered what happened the last time I did not go to my meeting.  I compromised with myself and decided to go the meeting and just weigh-in but not stay.  I wanted to get home to work on my fire pit area really really bad.  I also did not watch the biggest loser this week.

Anyways, I went to my meeting hoping that I would at least stay the same since I have not been real great on program as far as counting goes but I have been eating healthy foods and exercising in significant amounts.  I stepped on the scale and it read 181.4 lbs.  I lost 3 pounds since my last weigh-in.  I was shocked, happy, and in a bit of disbelief.   Maybe I did good or maybe the scale was messed up.  HAHAHA.  Who knows!

After the weigh-in I went home to build the fire pit.  This was fun for me but somehow my 5 foot wide pit ended up only being 2 feet wide when I was finished.  Now I am going to dig it completely up and redo it all.  I wanted it to be 4 feet wide on the inside of the fire pit.  This made me extremely disappointed and overwhelmed with the amount of work I did and would have to do to redo it.  So I am pissed about my fire pit situation right now.  I am just glad that one day I will be sitting there enjoying the fruits of my labor without remembrance of putting it in and then digging it up.  Here are some pictures of the present fire pit before I dig it up.

Fire pit landscaping

This is the finished product and now I am digging it all up

This is the finished product and now I am digging it all up


Ambivalent weigh-in coming right up

Caped MaxMost of you know that my wiegh-in is on Tuesday.  Yup, that is today.  Last week I skipped my WI. The week before I lost 1 pound I think.   So now I have two weeks worth of exercise and eating to show for.  To be honest, I don’t even care what happens.  I also know however, that if I lose I will be happy and if I gain I will be upset.  This is how it goes and it won’t ever change.  I like to lose and I hate to gain.  So tonight I am just going to show up and take it right in the face.  I don’t fear it.  I don’t worry about it.  I am not going to have stress added upon stress about seeing the weight.  What the heck anyway, it is just a point in the journey.  It is not the journey itself, just a small plot on the map amidst about 116 other plots.

I will post how things go EN LA MANANA.  As usual, I will be going to my sisters house afterwards for dinner and the biggest loser.  By the way, I never talked about the show last week.  It was a good show and it disclosed the secret that people of ALL sizes can run and reap the benifits of attaining new distances.  They did a half-marathon in their own various times, but they all finish.  Well, except the dad, he did not finish due to medical problems with his knee I think.  Other than that, they all pushed through the pain of running into the glorious light that appears at each finish line.  That light that I hope all of us can experience.


No weight watchers weigh in for me!

Caped MaxI am not going to go to my WW meeting today.  My main reason is that I have many trees that I purchased for my landscape plan and I really need to get them into the ground asap.  Today is my only day that I will be able to do this. 

I also usually stay the same or gain a little right after a marathon only to lose it all again the next week.  So this time I am going to see how it works to just weigh-in at the week after a marathon.  This way I won’t discouraged by the number on the scale that is actually not that important right after a marathon.  My goal for next week is to show a little loss or stay the same.  We will see I guess.

Thank you all for reading the blog and for all of your support.  I have been doing lots of research today on abdominoplasty again.  That’s all folks.


Another biggest loser episode and my weigh-in results

Caped MaxWell, well, well; today is a new day isn’t it.  Today I move on with the rest of my life.  I am going to be healthy today.  As you all know, I had my weight watchers weigh-in last night.  The meeting was great and we talked about being active and had a good old time laughing it up.  It really is a fun meeting to go to.  After looking over my stats for the week you all voted on whether I would lose weight or not.  You can see the pole here.  You can also see the results from previous weigh-ins here, here, and here. 

I lost exactly 1 pound this week.  I went from 185.4 to 184.4.  I was relieved and happy to see a loss.  It just goes to show me that how I feel does not necessarily accurately determine what my weigh-in results will be.  I have felt nice and thin and empty, but then gained.  And like last night, I felt bloated and fat but I lost.  Go figure eh?  So there you have it.

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The biggest loser last night was interesting to say the least.  With my new perspective of the show after the Bane of Dane has changed how I watch it.  I seem to see areas where they script it and it is not real.  Like when the cousins yelled at Jillian and then went to the gym alone.  OMG, Bob just happened to be standing in the gym by himself.  Now why would that be.  His blue team wasn’t there, he was in regular like clothes.  I don’t trust the show like I did before the marathon scandal.  I still love it though.  I was sorely disappointed that the blue team lost the weigh-in.  I am really tired of the boastful attitude of the black team when they win challenges.  There is just no need for that kind of celebration in front of the losing team.  There is no honor in that.  Also I did not like how the Philippe made the excuse for not losing much weight on Jillian.  He has been there for some time now and I don’t think he can make the excuse that he does not know what he needs to do to lose weight.  He also didn’t blame one thing on himself in regards to eating and drinking on their night of luxury.  It was a good show and I will be back next week for more.

Ya’ll have a great day now ya hear.  I’m fixin to get back to work. (For all Texas people. HHAHAHAHAA)


Biggest loser and my weigh-in last night

weigh-in-002Last nights weigh-in was a good one.  I did my normal routine: Weigh-in, dinner, and then biggest loser.  I love my little WI day routine.  I have done it now for over two years straight.  I take joy and comfort in the routines of life.

For this WW week, I ate all my daily maintenance points (35 per day), all my weekly 35 points (5 per day), and about 15 of my activity points leaving me with a points deficit of 40-45 points.  This brought me to a two pound loss for my weigh-in.  I am back down to 185.2 lbs.  The same weight I was two weeks ago.  HAHAHA . At least I know that WW and my efforts work right.  Don’t do the plan and gain, do the plan and lose.  That is how it works. Last week I did not count as well therefore had a gain of 2 lbs. Continue reading ‘Biggest loser and my weigh-in last night’


Weight watchers weigh-in results, biggest loser, and I’m doing fine.

weigh-in-002So last night I weighed-in.  I just stepped on that scale with bravery and courage.  But when I saw a 2.2 lb gain my heart sunk a little.  I figured I would gain and I knew that there was a possibility of gaining back the three pounds that I had lost, but I was still in denial.  Now I don’t think that I actually gained 2 pounds of fat but nevertheless, I gained.  I took it pretty hard for about 10 minutes until my WW leader started the meeting and made me laugh.  Then I popped out of my little funk and said, “Oh well, it is what it is.  There is no changing that number right now so I will move on with my life.  I know what I need to do”.  The best part of about this gain is that I know why I gained and it is no where near being a mystery.  That means it is easily remedied.  Amen to that.  I weigh 187.2 again.

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I still did not count my point yesterday but this week is a new week.  I did not eat bad food at all but I just did not count and not counting is a bad habit to get into.  I am right back to counting and journaling today.  It’s not hard to count and journal, it is just that I have to make myself do it.  The old way of life tells me I don’t need to but the new me says I will and I have to in order to keep the weight off.  I am thankful for my WW meeting as it is a great source of help and strength whether I am gaining or losing.  Going to meetings is essential for me. Continue reading ‘Weight watchers weigh-in results, biggest loser, and I’m doing fine.’


Can you handle the heat?

Caped MaxI am just about off of work and it is time to face the truth again.  I will be going to my gloriously crowded (alwaysat this time of year.  Glad I can say I made it through 3 seasons now) WW meeting to weigh-in.  I have my lightest shorts on, my lightest shirt on, my watch is off, my hat is off, I spit my gum out, I am on may way to the bathroom, my underwear is off 🙂 (just kidding), and I am ready to roll.  Wish me luck.  We will see what leaving only one point left over for the week does.