Real research to help you lose weight: Eating with others is good for you

family-dinnerHere is a little gem of information that is founded in real research on people and the way they eat.  We all know that we live in a fast and crazy paced life.  It seems that we don’t have time to do anything.  We scrape by and try and get done what we can each day.  At least for me, I feel like I don’t have enough time as I go through most of my days.  I found another good reason that we should take the time to eat with our loved ones.  Doing this actually helps eat healthier foods according to an ADA Scientific Journal publication called: Making time for meals: Meal structure and associations with dietary intakes of young adults.

I like scientific research because much of my education dealt with performing research regarding family and relationships.  Anyway, this journal article found that people actually tend to eat healthier when the eat with others.  The also found that when we eat on the run and are alone we tend to eat higher fat, more “POP”, more fast food, as well as leaving out other healthy options.  The research shows us that when we get together with others we are more likely to eat more fruits and vegetables.  This was surprising news to me.

I guess it could depend on who you like to eat with, but it really does make sense that when you eat with other people you do tend to eat a full meal that includes a variety of foods.  When I eat alone and on the run I most certainly do go for the fast food with lots of fat.  Here are some of the benifits that the research says you can get by eating with others more:

Benefits of eating with others

  • More intake of fruit
  • Higher intake of vegetables in general
  • Higer intake of dark green and orange vegetables
  • More social interaction and quality of life (my opinion)
  • When you talk you eat less (my opinion)
  • More enjoyment of food (my opinion)

What do you guys think about this research finding?  Does it match up with how your life is?  Do you eat worse on the run and by yourself?  Do you eat better when you are with others?

5 Responses to “Real research to help you lose weight: Eating with others is good for you”

  1. March 20, 2009 at 5:38 am

    YES!!! I agree with this completely. When I was growing up, my family sat down and ate every breakfast and dinner together. Some of my friends thought this was odd. I always enjoyed it.

    And, now that I have my own family, we do the same. Every morning at breakfast and every evening at dinner, we sit down together. We start and end the day together. It is a good thing.

  2. 3 RobFitness
    March 20, 2009 at 6:23 am

    What another good post and it’s one I had to think about before I decided to write. I kind of agree with the thinking but for me it was a bit different. Growing up and having family dinners I feel is what lead me to be overweight in the first place. I was raised were you had to eat everything that my grandparents put on my plate, whether I was hungry or not. Plus I couldn’t leave the table until the plate was clean. Now I am not trying to put the blame on other because it was me and my thinking after I left home that continued to cause me to gain weight as well. Now fast forward to today and I feel it is a different story. Any family dinners that I go to now are different because of what I have learned on my journey. I feel that now I would eat better, slow my eating down and set a good example by eating healthier. It’s amazing how one can change their thinking and habits to make better choices. I do eat pretty good by myself as all. because in my place I decide what food is in the cupboard and I don’t have to worry about what someone else desires to eat.

  3. 5 Hasan
    August 13, 2009 at 8:55 pm


    I totally agree with you. When i eat alone my choice of food is definitely fast food. When i eat with my family, the foods are healthier. Nowadays, i seldom eat with my family. It seems like everybody is soooo busy. For me the only available time to eat together as a family is only during dinner. But even that is almost impossible.

    If the journal article finding is true, i guess i need to spend more time eating with my family.


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